Wonder Woman Boy Shorts

Wonder Woman Boy Shorts (Shorts, Pulse Underwear)
Wonder Woman Boy Shorts
Wonder Amazon Star Spangled Boy Shorts! Fresh from Pulse Underwear , one of the hottestmanufacturers of sexy undies and boyshorts on the planet, these hot little things are as close to being Wonder Womanas you can get! These look absolutely fantastic… as long as you got the body to make it work baby because we only have4 sizes! More than just undies, but less than a real pair of shorts, these babies go great indoors and out withoutworrying about exposing too much of th delicate regi These will definitely getyou noticed! Be sure to check out our model pictures from the Nicolle Shops Portland Fashion party! Oh, almost forgot, these are supposed to ride low on the hips, hence the wider sizing. Hips are l r than waists, and these look absolutely fantastic on the hips. Undies
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