Darth Vader 500 Action Figure

Darth Vader 500 Action Figure (Action Figure, Diamond)
Darth Vader 500 Action Figure
Darth Vader Limited Edition 500 Action Figure 3 Tall. A new release of the award winning l vinyl Star Wars figures. Part of the Star Wars 500 Figure Collection. There s a little lever in the back that allows one to lift Vader s helmet, just like in Empire Strikes Back the movie. The whole darn thing measures 6 long, 6 wide, 6 high. No brains revealed when the helmet rises. What a rip! The 500th Star Wars Action figure Darth Vader figure Star Wars 500th Action figure The Kenner/Hasbro action figure line, begun waaayyy back in the 20th century (yeah, around 1977), and reaches its 500th action figure release with this special edition action figure of Darth Vader! Seated in his meditation chamber as seen in Episode V The Empire Strikes Back Vader is fully articulated and can be removed from the chamber (whose top is formed by the blister top of the package). Included with Mr. Vader is his trusty light saber, cloth cape and skirt, helmet removal arm thingie and removable helmet.
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